Friday, September 24, 2010


Phew! I realize it's been a very long time since my last post and I just wanted to show that my blog isn't completely dead, merely limping along in a cruel imitation of life. Yay Zombi-blog!
Anyhoo without further ado:

Above is a link to a site I spend a great deal on these days. It's a little difficult sometimes to sort through some stories you know are going to be terrible (When you are posting a story wouldn't it behoove you to at least spell check the damn TITLE?). There are of course gems in the rough and I wish I could write even half as well as many authors on this site. There are thousands of stories to choose from under just about every genre/category you can think of. Love you some stories dealing with a certain TV series? Comic? Video Game? Chances are you find something and suddenly you'll find yourself checking your email for any updates to stories on the go you have favorited or new stories from authors you feel are worthy of your time.

Anyone else been here before? Thoughts on the site?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Check out this Jive turkey!

Recently Cliffy posted a rather large review of the cheestastic Black Dynamite and I figured i'd post this fantastic trailer of Blackstar Warrior.
I'm fairly certain it isn't a real movie but the trailer is fantastic. I especially love the fact Vader has sexy storm troopers guarding Lando's woman.

But really I think this movie takes the cake, it's called Willie Dynamite (that's one hell of a funky family)

Heh, i'm not quite sure why he's got all his ladies workin' apparently a Shriner's convention but him showing up in his pimp gear is impressive. Apparently all the biggest pimps in the day carried their cocaine inside their fancy gold watches. I'm sure this movie just gets better from here on out.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Random workings of the Harll mind.

Today we spent a thrilling 8 hours on the road driving Morgan out so she could spend a week with her grandparents in Saskatchewan. We usually listen to the radio for as long as possible then switch over to cd's once the reception gets crappy and Lorry can't stand the sound of the static in the background anymore.

A lot of music songs for me are linked in my head to memories or at least start that way and then tend to meander into things I find humorous. One of the songs on the radio was one by Taylor Swift which of course instantly reminds me of Lorry referring to Taylor Swift as "That girl with the dead souless eyes" which is amusing to me right away but then of course that phrase reminds me of Cliffy talking in his Kris Kristofferson Whistler voice "Nothing but an empty husk waitin' to die!". Lorry of course knows by now that if i'm chuckling to myself out of the blue that it's a 50/50 shot asking what i'm laughing about in the first place is actually going to be amusing for anyone other than myself. Thankfully she only smiles and shakes her head when it isn't all that funny :)

The first cd we happened to pop in started off with ACDC If you want blood, and while Lorry and the kids were grooving to the beats I of course was instantly reminded of the movie Empire Records. (I still enjoy that movie, had some great amusing moments) From there that reminded me Robin Tunney (since she's in that movie) which then reminded me of Janine mentioning that she cannot watch The Mentalist because something about Robin Tunney's face bugs her to no end. Which of course reminds me that Lorry actually likes that show but cannot stand watching Bones because there is something about Emily Deschanel's face she cannot stand. (Janine loves the show Bones by the way). Then of course the song was still playing and my mind went back to it and I thought "You know what would be amusing?" "If this song was sung in a Mexican type accent. So instantly I pictured Danny Trejo belting out the song cause he's awesome and I can totally picture it in my head If that wasn't accented enough then perhaps back up vocals could be done by George Lopez. I find it's a common thing since I love accents to imagine how things would be different if sung/said with a certain accent or ethnic group.

I don't mind going on long drives cause I tend to lose track of time in this way. I should probably stop there as i'm sure this brief glimpse into my thought processes is probably too much already :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Is this a parent thing?

Just been doing some thinking today and I was wondering if it's a parent thing or does it happen to everyone? The thing being kids and their ability to quickly master most technical devices (not necessarily your kids of course, nieces/nephews etc).

I remember when I was quite young and my dad was trying to do something on the computer he'd get out the instruction manual and try to read up on how to do it and eventually he might get it. I started being able to just jump on the computer and within minutes accomplish what he wanted. Fast forward like 25 years and my kids are able to pick up pretty much any technology and figure out how to do something "fun" with it rather quickly without basically knowing even how to read. Today Luke grabbed my brother scott's phone and within seconds had unlocked it, opened up youtube and was watching short Cars videos.

Morgan has her own set of games on Lorry's Itouch and she's quite adept at playing them even with a very rudimentary ability to read. I'm just waiting for the day when i'm sitting there trying to figure out how to for example hyperlink a video in a post (thanks again James :) ) and Luke or Morgan will wander by and scoff "Jeez DAD it's EASY"

Perhaps they'll even strap on a toolbelt, grab the burger and screwdriver out of Vlad's hand and actually fix something :)
Anyways just thinkin'

Friday, August 6, 2010

Women are crazy yo.

I realize that is a rather broad statement (see what I did there? Broad?! er. nevermind) and i'd just like to compress that statement into a smaller more select group. Quite a few women around the time of their weddings go completely batshit crazy. Sitting around at my parent's house today Lorry happened to have it on TLC and she was watching her normal run of Sell/fix/pimp my house shows (Tammy I know you can relate here). Then one of those "Say yes to the dress" type shows came on. The ladies on this show were crazy enough (I'm not going anywhere near those Bridezilla shows).

One of them was absolutely adamant that she wanted to spend $10,000 on her wedding dress.. that just boggles my mind. I thought my wife's dress was beautiful and it cost less than $500. Another lady was in their with basically the entire female population of her family/relatives trying to break a dress "curse". Turns out her great grandmother bought a dress in paris (there's the first problem :) ) and every other lady in her family has worn that dress at their wedding. The "curse" is that everyone who has worn that dress beyond the great grandmother has gotten divorced (I'm sure the dress is a wonderfully convenient excuse for them to fall back on when things get a little bumpy). Anyway she wanted to get her own dress in the hopes of breaking the cycle. The family had said they've basically been to every dress shop in Mississippi and she's tried on hundreds of dresses. After a large number of dresses later she finally found one she liked but then started waffling and ended up leaving the store without anything. Her wedding wasn't for another year long has she been at this if she's been trying on hundreds of dresses and her wedding is *still* a year away?

I understand you grow up with expectations/dreams of that day being absolutely perfect but really do you need to spend a portion of a down payment on a house for a dress you'll wear (hopefully) once? I dunno, guess i'm just thankful one of those wonderful realistic ladies decided I was worth hanging onto came along.

I apologize to most of the men who might read this as it details most of what happened in a decidedly crappy reality type show but it was like a train wreck and I couldn't really look away. On the plus side I don't need to watch another one of them and hopefully I went into enough detail that you don't either.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yay i'm chalk full o' fail!

There really isn't anything daunting as that little blinking cursor you've been staring at for the past hour off and on trying to scour you mind for something "worthy" of posting to your blog. It's been quite the long day and while there are quite a few things I could probably toss down as a filler post i'm going to have to save some of them for later on in the month ;). I remember last year reading posts from people having a rough time getting something down and i'm going to use today as my one "Sorry dudes I just don't have it in me today" excuse and hope you'll all forgive me and not look upon me too harshly :)

On that note i'd like to leave you an amusing video I ran across years ago that still makes me laugh (the beginning is rather slow, but around 1 min 20 seconds in he cuts loose with the singing it's awesome :) )

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On the price of teeth..

Just recently my daughter Morgan lost her two front lower teeth and she was of course visited upon by the Tooth Fairy. Leading up to the teeth actually coming out Lorry and I were trying to come up with an acceptable amount per tooth (you know with inflation nowadays and the fact it's bound to be difficult for that little Fairy to tote around large money amounts). She tossed out 50 cents and I felt that was rather cheap, I mean you can't even get something from the dollar store for that! Knowing we'd barter a bit I then tossed out $2.00 and then we split the difference and settled on $1.00 . She was so worried that her teeth would somehow get lost and the Tooth Fairy wouldn't leave anything heh, poor girl! Anyways I think $1.00 is a good amount. This discussion reminds me of something my 6 year old cousin said recently "I need to lose some teeth... I could really use the money!" It was of course out of nowhere, completely unexpected and out of character for her and we of course all had a good laugh.. I can just picture her sitting in front of the mirror counting her teeth and trying to figure out how many Barbies and whatnot she can get in the future if she saves up her money.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jackie Parker Recreation Area

A couple of weeks ago Lorry, the kids and I met up with some of Lorry's relatives and while looking for a nice place to play the name Jackie Parker recreation area came up (4540 50 Street). It used to be a off leash dog park but now it's got a section for walking dogs (leashed) and a couple huge sections that if you have kids are a pretty much must see. The first section is the spray park, it's huge and continuously recycling/purifying the water that is sprayed so it's not wasting much water at all. Morgan and Luke were having a great time running around and under large animal shaped sprayers, turning large water cannons on each other and any other hapless kid/adult in the field of fire. There are small water tables and whatnot to keep smaller children amused for ages off to the side and there is quite a bit of room around the edges to put down a blanket and just relax in the sun only occasionally getting a light misting of water from the wind carrying it.(the picture above is from an Edmonton Journal story )

Another great area (and probably my favorite so far since a huge playground area is still being built beside it) is a couple rock climbing walls surrounded by large fake boulders/rocks and big logs connecting to each other. This is a great area in my mind because it combines a bunch of challenges for a diverse age group, and more importantly it's not all "completely safe" and therefore still fun. It is refreshing for me to see a playground/area that is reminiscent of what I grew up with. I can't find a picture of it right now but if you watch the video from that Edm. Journal link you'll see her standing in front of it.

The last section is a large playground area that is still being built but from the looks of it it is going to be a lot of fun. There are picnic places around these areas as well, the sections are staffed with Parks and Rec. people playing with the kids/handing out bandages, there is a decent sized lake with benches around it if you like watching/feeding the birds. All in all I'm very impressed with the place and it has become my favorite place to go ahead of Kinsmen Park.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So I recently watched Hot Tub Time Machine...

As the title suggests I just watched Hot Tub Time Machine today and I really wasn't expecting a great deal out of it as I thought you'd have seen all the "funny" from the previews which seems to be the norm nowadays when it comes to comedy. I was actually pleasantly surprised that there was some actual amusing parts to be found. One scene in particular bumped this movie up from "Meh" to "Semi-decent" and that was the one of the main "bad" guys in the movie watching Red Dawn in his room over and over again and deciding the main characters are actually Communists.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Randomness from my past

Now many of you happen to know I used to draw a great many wishing wells and probably wondered "Where the hell/why the hell do you draw wells?". It all dates back to when I used to watch a little program on TV called Secret City. The dude in charge is named Mark Kistler (Or Commander Mark to those who watched the show). Everyday he would draw bits and add to this giant freaking mural and I would tune in every chance I got to see what he was up to that day. I remember one episode where he showed you how to draw a wishing well (and using the basics from there you could easily move onto castles, walls etc.) I drew all sorts of wells, castles etc. but doing little wishing wells was kinda fun for a while, i'm still not quite sure why. Anyways you can watch tons of his videos on Youtube still and while cheesy it still is a decent program in my opinion. The only thing that really drove me nuts was that annoying monster Lucy.

Grand Opening!

Well, here we are again. Once more I have created a blog with the intention to actually make use of it and even though I am inherently lazy I do plan on posting here and not deleting it after a couple months of inactivity. The idea behind this all is to occasionally give you some insight into how my mind works and other strangeness. Nothing says crazy to me more than that fellow pictured to the right. Sure you might bring up Jack Nicholson in The Shining, but he was merely acting whereas Mr. Busey is actually batshit crazy. So without further ado I bid you welcome.