Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Check out this Jive turkey!

Recently Cliffy posted a rather large review of the cheestastic Black Dynamite and I figured i'd post this fantastic trailer of Blackstar Warrior.
I'm fairly certain it isn't a real movie but the trailer is fantastic. I especially love the fact Vader has sexy storm troopers guarding Lando's woman.

But really I think this movie takes the cake, it's called Willie Dynamite (that's one hell of a funky family)

Heh, i'm not quite sure why he's got all his ladies workin' apparently a Shriner's convention but him showing up in his pimp gear is impressive. Apparently all the biggest pimps in the day carried their cocaine inside their fancy gold watches. I'm sure this movie just gets better from here on out.


  1. Never give up! Never surrender! Blog on, my friend. There are plenty more days to blog.

    DO EEET!

  2. Thank ya Cliff, Liam. I'm leaving for a week here tomorrow so there won't be any blogging action coming round the bend. I realize my blog isn't a repository of rage, or a dramatic baring of my soul For someone who only speaks the English language I surprising inept in it's usage. :) Thank you to everyone who does read what I post and show some interest in brief glimpses into my thoughts or what I find amusing.

  3. the sexy storm troopers are the win