Saturday, August 7, 2010

Is this a parent thing?

Just been doing some thinking today and I was wondering if it's a parent thing or does it happen to everyone? The thing being kids and their ability to quickly master most technical devices (not necessarily your kids of course, nieces/nephews etc).

I remember when I was quite young and my dad was trying to do something on the computer he'd get out the instruction manual and try to read up on how to do it and eventually he might get it. I started being able to just jump on the computer and within minutes accomplish what he wanted. Fast forward like 25 years and my kids are able to pick up pretty much any technology and figure out how to do something "fun" with it rather quickly without basically knowing even how to read. Today Luke grabbed my brother scott's phone and within seconds had unlocked it, opened up youtube and was watching short Cars videos.

Morgan has her own set of games on Lorry's Itouch and she's quite adept at playing them even with a very rudimentary ability to read. I'm just waiting for the day when i'm sitting there trying to figure out how to for example hyperlink a video in a post (thanks again James :) ) and Luke or Morgan will wander by and scoff "Jeez DAD it's EASY"

Perhaps they'll even strap on a toolbelt, grab the burger and screwdriver out of Vlad's hand and actually fix something :)
Anyways just thinkin'


  1. Kids will always be better with technology simply because they're exposed to it so much sooner. But don't worry, Morgan and Luke will be having the same problem with their kids too.

    This cycle will continue until the Apocalypse comes and all technology is lost... and then no one will know how to do anything. :)

  2. I partly agree with Chad. I also think that kids (and people so inclined) are way more fearless when it comes to doing things. They'll just try and it will work or not, but they don't overthink it.

  3. Perhaps your kids will be the ones to build the Terminators that kill us all. We'll see how hot shit they feel when their precious technology is slaughtering the human race...haha!

  4. Maybe in 25 years your kids will be the ones who invent the technology for full virtual reality porn. Won't you be proud?

  5. you're new ability to hyperlink just benifits us all. speaking of which, it's been forever since your last post. grant us new hyperlinkage!!