Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On the price of teeth..

Just recently my daughter Morgan lost her two front lower teeth and she was of course visited upon by the Tooth Fairy. Leading up to the teeth actually coming out Lorry and I were trying to come up with an acceptable amount per tooth (you know with inflation nowadays and the fact it's bound to be difficult for that little Fairy to tote around large money amounts). She tossed out 50 cents and I felt that was rather cheap, I mean you can't even get something from the dollar store for that! Knowing we'd barter a bit I then tossed out $2.00 and then we split the difference and settled on $1.00 . She was so worried that her teeth would somehow get lost and the Tooth Fairy wouldn't leave anything heh, poor girl! Anyways I think $1.00 is a good amount. This discussion reminds me of something my 6 year old cousin said recently "I need to lose some teeth... I could really use the money!" It was of course out of nowhere, completely unexpected and out of character for her and we of course all had a good laugh.. I can just picture her sitting in front of the mirror counting her teeth and trying to figure out how many Barbies and whatnot she can get in the future if she saves up her money.


  1. I am picturing "The Rock" sneaking into her room in a pink tu tu to slip a loonie under her pillow.

  2. BWAHAH at Tammy's comment.

    I don't remember what I got when I was a kid. I think it was a dollar because even back in the 80'. Anyone else remember?

    Speaking of money for kids, does anyone do "Allowances" these days?

  3. Pfft. if the Rock is showing up in my daughters room he better be there just to leave a boatload of money and nothing else. We don't do allowances but we do give out treat money occasionally for chores over and above the usual.