Sunday, August 8, 2010

Random workings of the Harll mind.

Today we spent a thrilling 8 hours on the road driving Morgan out so she could spend a week with her grandparents in Saskatchewan. We usually listen to the radio for as long as possible then switch over to cd's once the reception gets crappy and Lorry can't stand the sound of the static in the background anymore.

A lot of music songs for me are linked in my head to memories or at least start that way and then tend to meander into things I find humorous. One of the songs on the radio was one by Taylor Swift which of course instantly reminds me of Lorry referring to Taylor Swift as "That girl with the dead souless eyes" which is amusing to me right away but then of course that phrase reminds me of Cliffy talking in his Kris Kristofferson Whistler voice "Nothing but an empty husk waitin' to die!". Lorry of course knows by now that if i'm chuckling to myself out of the blue that it's a 50/50 shot asking what i'm laughing about in the first place is actually going to be amusing for anyone other than myself. Thankfully she only smiles and shakes her head when it isn't all that funny :)

The first cd we happened to pop in started off with ACDC If you want blood, and while Lorry and the kids were grooving to the beats I of course was instantly reminded of the movie Empire Records. (I still enjoy that movie, had some great amusing moments) From there that reminded me Robin Tunney (since she's in that movie) which then reminded me of Janine mentioning that she cannot watch The Mentalist because something about Robin Tunney's face bugs her to no end. Which of course reminds me that Lorry actually likes that show but cannot stand watching Bones because there is something about Emily Deschanel's face she cannot stand. (Janine loves the show Bones by the way). Then of course the song was still playing and my mind went back to it and I thought "You know what would be amusing?" "If this song was sung in a Mexican type accent. So instantly I pictured Danny Trejo belting out the song cause he's awesome and I can totally picture it in my head If that wasn't accented enough then perhaps back up vocals could be done by George Lopez. I find it's a common thing since I love accents to imagine how things would be different if sung/said with a certain accent or ethnic group.

I don't mind going on long drives cause I tend to lose track of time in this way. I should probably stop there as i'm sure this brief glimpse into my thought processes is probably too much already :)


  1. Wow, your mind is a virtual amusement park isn't it? Pretty good when you can entertain yourself driving through saskabush! ACDC - Highway to Hell reminds me of my first car - this got played alot.

  2. My brain works like that too. One thing suddenly makes some bizarre leap to something totally unrelated and anyone that's not me is usually left going WTF?