Friday, August 6, 2010

Women are crazy yo.

I realize that is a rather broad statement (see what I did there? Broad?! er. nevermind) and i'd just like to compress that statement into a smaller more select group. Quite a few women around the time of their weddings go completely batshit crazy. Sitting around at my parent's house today Lorry happened to have it on TLC and she was watching her normal run of Sell/fix/pimp my house shows (Tammy I know you can relate here). Then one of those "Say yes to the dress" type shows came on. The ladies on this show were crazy enough (I'm not going anywhere near those Bridezilla shows).

One of them was absolutely adamant that she wanted to spend $10,000 on her wedding dress.. that just boggles my mind. I thought my wife's dress was beautiful and it cost less than $500. Another lady was in their with basically the entire female population of her family/relatives trying to break a dress "curse". Turns out her great grandmother bought a dress in paris (there's the first problem :) ) and every other lady in her family has worn that dress at their wedding. The "curse" is that everyone who has worn that dress beyond the great grandmother has gotten divorced (I'm sure the dress is a wonderfully convenient excuse for them to fall back on when things get a little bumpy). Anyway she wanted to get her own dress in the hopes of breaking the cycle. The family had said they've basically been to every dress shop in Mississippi and she's tried on hundreds of dresses. After a large number of dresses later she finally found one she liked but then started waffling and ended up leaving the store without anything. Her wedding wasn't for another year long has she been at this if she's been trying on hundreds of dresses and her wedding is *still* a year away?

I understand you grow up with expectations/dreams of that day being absolutely perfect but really do you need to spend a portion of a down payment on a house for a dress you'll wear (hopefully) once? I dunno, guess i'm just thankful one of those wonderful realistic ladies decided I was worth hanging onto came along.

I apologize to most of the men who might read this as it details most of what happened in a decidedly crappy reality type show but it was like a train wreck and I couldn't really look away. On the plus side I don't need to watch another one of them and hopefully I went into enough detail that you don't either.


  1. If you've seen one crazy-ass bride-to-be, you've seen 'em all!

  2. To be honest, even though I am representin women, I can't relate to those chicks. 100 dresses, seriously? Funny you write this post because me and my BFF just came back tonight from a bridal store. She is getting married in Mexico December 1st and I am Maid of Honor.

    So we went to ONE store, tried on just a couple of dresses, and bam...were out of there and on our way to Boston Pizza! (sorry Chad) Her dress was $400 and mine around $200, and we are pretty much done. Some payless shoes and we have ourselves a party!

    10K is ludicrous for one day, I think this is princess syndrome. And really guys, is that what you want in a woman?

  3. Doesn't behavior like that just scream "GET OUT NOW!" to the groom? Seriously? What else is she going to say she just HAS to spend 10 grand on? Flee that crazy beeyatch!

  4. I really don't understand the enormous hype that surrounds the whole wedding industry. Or the girls who grow up dreaming about what their wedding dresses will look like.

    I went into my wedding day knowing that it could never top the miracle that was the day of Nick's birth, and knowing that as long as we made it out the other side legally married the day would have been a success. I tried on two wedding dresses at a celtic shop and spent I think $300 on the one I picked.

    We're not all crazy bride broads! :P

  5. sing it brother! I can't watch those shows, they make my brain hurt.

  6. I was a bidezilla. I was. I wish I had been more level headed, but I was 19. Kyle and I had to pay for our own wedding (how did we do that?). I had to have a sit down dinner, no buffet. Everyone in the wedding party had to drive up in white cars. My dress was 300 dollars, but then I selected a lace to adorn it that was 680$ a meter. We didn't have enough money for me to be a truly crazy bridezilla, but if we had I would have been I'm sure. I'm not that girl anymore.

    I watched a SYTTD episode the other day and the words came out of one girls mouth that if her fiance wanted her to go through with the wedding he would pay 10k for the dress she wanted because she shouldn't have to comprise on her wedding day. I'd be surprised to hear that they are still married five years form today. Comprise is a daily practice, even on your wedding day.

    On that note though I have to say it goes a lot to the american way of thinking "You are worth going into life long debt, so you can have a dream wedding that is beyond your means, and put you in a financial crunch that will put huge amounts of stress on your marriage causing one more hurdle to having a marriage that won't crumble in divorce", so just put it on credit.

    I couldn't even dream of this level of bridezilla during my wedding:

  7. Hmm, perhaps I didn't really see since I was on the groom side of things but I can't think of any Erron Bridezilla moments. I do remember your mom losing it on Atti that morning when we were filling up all the balloons with that goo and he was playing with the microphone singing "Great time for a white wedding!" however heh.