Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yay i'm chalk full o' fail!

There really isn't anything daunting as that little blinking cursor you've been staring at for the past hour off and on trying to scour you mind for something "worthy" of posting to your blog. It's been quite the long day and while there are quite a few things I could probably toss down as a filler post i'm going to have to save some of them for later on in the month ;). I remember last year reading posts from people having a rough time getting something down and i'm going to use today as my one "Sorry dudes I just don't have it in me today" excuse and hope you'll all forgive me and not look upon me too harshly :)

On that note i'd like to leave you an amusing video I ran across years ago that still makes me laugh (the beginning is rather slow, but around 1 min 20 seconds in he cuts loose with the singing it's awesome :) )


  1. Oh dude, you really gotta learn how to hyperlink stuff. I'm guessing you're using blogger's editor. Highlight a word or sentance or whatever, then look for a "Link" button above the editor (it has a chain link + a globe). Click that and prompt you to enter a web address. Hope that helps :)

  2. Aye, I had tried to directly add the video but it wasn't working and by that time it was very late