Friday, September 24, 2010


Phew! I realize it's been a very long time since my last post and I just wanted to show that my blog isn't completely dead, merely limping along in a cruel imitation of life. Yay Zombi-blog!
Anyhoo without further ado:

Above is a link to a site I spend a great deal on these days. It's a little difficult sometimes to sort through some stories you know are going to be terrible (When you are posting a story wouldn't it behoove you to at least spell check the damn TITLE?). There are of course gems in the rough and I wish I could write even half as well as many authors on this site. There are thousands of stories to choose from under just about every genre/category you can think of. Love you some stories dealing with a certain TV series? Comic? Video Game? Chances are you find something and suddenly you'll find yourself checking your email for any updates to stories on the go you have favorited or new stories from authors you feel are worthy of your time.

Anyone else been here before? Thoughts on the site?


  1. Of course now that i've posted a link to the site it seems to be having some issues with links to some of the stories.

  2. That's because you're a jinx of some sort. Obviously. :)

  3. Holy Crap! 3 comments and two of them aren't even from me! Thanks for commenting guys :)

    Hmm I needs to find a good picture for the front page now...

  4. I went on there awhile ago, because someone pointed me to a fan fiction piece that he felt was better than the original.

    I like fanfic, but not as much as original stories, and I have lots and lots of those to work through, now.

  5. With the number of comments: Just imagine if you posted semi-regularly.

  6. That's crazy talk Liam! I can't be all predictable and post upon some schedule.