Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So I recently watched Hot Tub Time Machine...

As the title suggests I just watched Hot Tub Time Machine today and I really wasn't expecting a great deal out of it as I thought you'd have seen all the "funny" from the previews which seems to be the norm nowadays when it comes to comedy. I was actually pleasantly surprised that there was some actual amusing parts to be found. One scene in particular bumped this movie up from "Meh" to "Semi-decent" and that was the one of the main "bad" guys in the movie watching Red Dawn in his room over and over again and deciding the main characters are actually Communists.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Randomness from my past

Now many of you happen to know I used to draw a great many wishing wells and probably wondered "Where the hell/why the hell do you draw wells?". It all dates back to when I used to watch a little program on TV called Secret City. The dude in charge is named Mark Kistler (Or Commander Mark to those who watched the show). Everyday he would draw bits and add to this giant freaking mural and I would tune in every chance I got to see what he was up to that day. I remember one episode where he showed you how to draw a wishing well (and using the basics from there you could easily move onto castles, walls etc.) I drew all sorts of wells, castles etc. but doing little wishing wells was kinda fun for a while, i'm still not quite sure why. Anyways you can watch tons of his videos on Youtube still and while cheesy it still is a decent program in my opinion. The only thing that really drove me nuts was that annoying monster Lucy.

Grand Opening!

Well, here we are again. Once more I have created a blog with the intention to actually make use of it and even though I am inherently lazy I do plan on posting here and not deleting it after a couple months of inactivity. The idea behind this all is to occasionally give you some insight into how my mind works and other strangeness. Nothing says crazy to me more than that fellow pictured to the right. Sure you might bring up Jack Nicholson in The Shining, but he was merely acting whereas Mr. Busey is actually batshit crazy. So without further ado I bid you welcome.